Information as and when appropriate

For reasons of confidentiality, WinNing ParTners has agreed with its industrial and financial partners to provide references in selected cases.

When such references were disclosed as standard, business malpractices such as excessive prospecting, unfair use of contacts and inaccurate interpretation of references meant that we and our referees had to change the arrangement.

The disclosure of any information about the type of work carried out by our consultants is therefore governed by defined agreements, and such information is not now available via our normal channels of communication.

WinNing ParTners is today one of the best-known companies in Europe in its principal areas of expertise:

  • Strategic advice (business development and performance)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Technology and business partnerships
  • Growth financing

WinNing ParTners’ consultants are most often called on for their expertise in advisory and related services, by hardware manufacturers and software publishers working on technology-related solutions.

Our strategy is to focus primarily on businesses and technologies with strong growth potential that are either doing well or have some temporary difficulties, with a management team that meets the planned objectives.